To Report Suspected Abuse Call DCYF at (800) 894-5533 - For Emergencies Dial 911


What is KNOW & TELL?

Did you know that only 1 in 10 incidents of child abuse are ever reported? For every child victim who finds the courage to report their abuse, we KNOW that 9 do not. New Hampshire is a universal mandated reporting state; however, only 2/3 of adults know they are mandated reporters of child abuse.
 KNOW & TELL is a public responsibility movement, to educate ALL ADULTS to KNOW the signs of abuse and TELL responsible authorities when they recognize them. Created as a “slogan” in 2015 to educate the public about Child Advocacy Centers and our work on the MDT.  With help from key stakeholders and partners, it became a professional development program based on three key pillars; EDUCATE, INFORM, and PROTECT.  
Children depend on you to KNOW the signs. Adults have a responsibility to be aware of any changes in a child’s behavior and the emotional and physical signs that can indicate abuse or neglect. Awareness of these signs is a crucial step to protecting our children. KNOW the signs of abuse and help educate others. 
Children depend on you to be their voice. When a child shares that he or she has been hurt or you suspect that a child may be the victim of any types of abuse or neglect, New Hampshire State Law requires you to report what you know to the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) Central Intake Unit. 
Be Educated, to Inform, So you Can Protect. Understanding the three elements of KNOW & TELL, Educate, Inform, and Protect, in this order, will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to protect and help a child victimized by abuse and/or neglect get the appropriate support.

KNOW & TELL is a program of the Granite State Children’s Alliance (GSCA), the Chapter Organization for the network of Child Advocacy Centers. Expert trainers provide interactive and dynamic workshops across NH on how to create a safe community where all adults understand their role as a mandated reporter of child abuse. 

Every school in NH should be required to participate in the training. It was important to know that I can make a call to DCYF at anytime

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Become KNOW & TELL Educated

In-Person or Online eCourse

KNOW & TELL® is an education program to educate all adults to KNOW the signs of abuse and TELL responsible authorities when a child needs helpThis comprehensive program provides exceptional professional development opportunities to schools, youth serving organizations, camps, coaches, law enforcement, first responders and other members of the community who work with children.

To become fully KNOW & TELL® Educated, participants may complete the course via two presentation modes:

  • In-Person
  • Online eCourse

Both training modes focus on three key elements – EducateInform, and Protect. Participants will learn:

  • about the mandated reporting responsibilities required by NH law,
  • the legal definitions of neglect, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse
  • the child abuse signs to look for,
  • to recognize the barriers of reporting and how to overcome them,
  • steps for when/how to make a report to the Division for Children, Youth and Families (DCYF),
  • tips for making the reporting process easier,
  • the role every NH adult has in the child protection system, and
  • how NH Child Advocacy Centers (CAC), Multidisciplinary Teams (MDT), and other statewide stakeholders work together to protect children.