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Our Team

Chapter Staff

Joy Barrett
Chief Executive Officer
Improving the lives of children is what motivates Joy. In her position as Chief Executive Officer of the Granite State Children’s Alliance (GSCA), she feels it is a privilege to work on behalf of children and be part of a dedicated effort to break the cycle of child abuse and improve the well being of our most vulnerable children. In her role at GSCA she provides direct leadership and support for the four Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) located in Belknap, Cheshire and Hillsborough Counties.  Joy also serves as the NH Chapter representative of the National Children’s Alliance (NCA), providing technical assistance, training, and organizational resources to the network of CACs throughout New Hampshire 

Meghan Noyes, M.S. 
Director of CAC Services

Meghan joined the NH CAC movement in 2006 as a Forensic Interviewer and has had the opportunity to work in a variety of administrative and direct service roles. In her current role as the Director of Program Services, she supervises and supports the direct service staff of the GSCA Programs.  She continues to love going to “work,” everyday, although you will never hear her call it work or a job. It is a passion and a privilege for her to work with the children/families and members of the multidisciplinary teams. Meghan holds a BA from Plymouth State University and recently earned her master’s of science in Psychology. 

Nicole Ledoux, M.C.J.
Chief Program Officer

Nicole joined the team in September of 2018 after being a GSCA executive board member for 5 years. She came to GSCA after 22 years with the Manchester NH Police Department where she retired as the Detective Lieutenant supervising the Juvenile and Domestic and Sexual Violence units of the investigative division. Nicole has extensive experience in the investigations of child homicides, human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault and all the various forms of child abuse and exploitation. In her current role, Nicole’s duties include ensuring that CAC’s not only meet the service delivery standards of the National Children’s Alliance but also that the service array offered is ever expanding to meet the complex needs of the children and families we serve. Nicole has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and a master’s degree in criminal justice from Southern NH University 

Megan Oliviero
Director of Education & Outreach

Megan Oliviero has been a child advocate and committed to Child Advocacy Centers for 22 years.  The majority of her career was spent in sexual assault crisis centers as a child abuse specialist; providing support services to children and families after a disclosure of sexual abuse as well as providing primary prevention programs in schools.  She served on the Board of Directors for the Granite State Children’s Alliance before becoming the Director of Education & Outreach in the spring of 2015.  Her primary responsibilities include outreach and education efforts for the Chapter and more specifically professional development opportunities for the CAC workforce in NH.    

Stephanie Arroyo
KNOW & TELL Education & Advancement Director

Stephanie has a background in Elementary Special Education and joined GSCA in January 2018. In this role, she primarily focuses on the development, growth, and overall expansion of KNOW & TELL, GSCA’s education program related to RSA169c:29 – New Hampshire’s mandated reporting statute. Stephanie travels the state (and beyond!) to ensure school districts, youth serving organizations, medical professionals/first responders, college students, etc. are educated to KNOW the signs of abuse/neglect, and how to TELL responsible authorities when they suspect abuse/neglect.  Stephanie is passionate about this work and enjoys the collaboration with our many stakeholder partners across New Hampshire. Protecting children is everyone’s responsibility. 

Andrew Wolff, M.S., LMFT
Program Development & Research Clinical Manager 
603-499-7504 ext. 208

Andrew joined the CAC in January 2020 as a licensed mental health clinician to provide on-site mental health services for children and families involved with the Greater Lakes CAC. Prior to joining the CAC, Andrew practiced as a clinician in residential, foster-care, and outpatient settings providing trauma-informed clinical services to children, teens, adults, and families. Andrew brings a wealth of clinical knowledge to the team to help support children and families in adjusting to traumatic life events and coping with trauma utilizing a variety of different therapeutic interventions (games, art, play, etc.). He believes that the impact of trauma extends well-beyond the individual and enjoys supporting and collaborating with the many systems involved to ensure that all parties are providing the best possible support to the child mental health needs.

Abby Falk, M.S., LCMHC, LMHC
Community Operations & Relations Clinical Manager
603-499-7504 ext. 2
Abby joined the GSCA in June of 2022 as the on-site clinician at the CAC in Manchester, and currently serves as one of the clinical managers for the GSCA Behavioral Health Program. Abby holds a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and a Master’s in Crime & Justice Studies, and is licensed in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Within the clinical part of her role, she offers mental health consultation to the multidisciplinary team, and provides Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and Problematic Sexual Behavior Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (PSB-CBT) to children and their caregiver(s). Within the managerial part of her role, she provides supervision to other clinicians within the Program and works to develop relationships with community partners, as it relates to spreading awareness of the Program, providing trainings, and recruiting for job and future internship opportunities. Prior to joining the GSCA, Abby served as the program manager for the mental health program at the CAC in Boston, and practiced as a clinician in substance use treatment, outpatient, and community-based mental health settings. Abby enjoys working amongst a team and strives to promote the wellbeing and safety of the individuals and families she meets.

Dawn Gilbert
Director of Administrative Operations
Dawn Gilbert comes to Granite State Children’s Alliance (GSCA) with extensive experience in the legal field as a Paralegal, as well as a plethora of experience handling back-office operations.  It has always been her passion to find ways to give back.  Whether it be food pantry donations, clothing drives or just donating time at a local shelter Dawn always felt the calling to do more.  Realizing that her career too should be geared towards a greater cause she was ecstatic to find a home with us here at Granite State Children’s Alliance (GSCA).  Knowing she would have “big shoes to fill” as she took over for her predecessor (Denise Morrison) and everything she built from scratch, Dawn understood the importance to “Carry the torch” and do her part to carry Granite State Children’s Alliance (GSCA) into the future in her position as Director of Administrative Operations.

Shannon Rich
Business Support & Multimedia Design Manager
After over a decade working directly with at-risk children in non-profit residential and educational settings, Shannon made a dramatic turn into administrative support and marketing, where she has spent the last several years.  She loves her role at the Granite State Children’s Alliance because she has been able to bring those administrative and marketing skills with her back to a non-profit setting, to support work she is truly passionate about.  Shannon supports the Director of Administrative Operations, as well as the rest of the statewide Chapter team, in keeping administrative functions running smoothly, and planning for events, as well as lending her artistic creativity to various projects.

Child Advocacy Center

Program Staff

Gretchen Ricks
Program Coordinator/Family Support Specialist (Nashua CAC)
Gretchen joined the CAC in August 2020 as the Family Support Specialist for the Nashua center, and took on the role of Program Coordinator as well in December 2022.  She has spent most of her career working with children and families in several capacities both in schools as well as at non-profit agencies. Most recently, Gretchen served as the Child Advocate at Bridges: Domestic & Sexual Violence Support Services for the past 5 years.  Prior to that, Gretchen worked as both a high school counselor and college admissions director in the Washington, DC area.  She has an extensive background in helping families navigate through some of the most challenging times in their lives and helping them to better cope with their trauma.  In Gretchen’s role, she feels her most important job is to provide support and education surrounding child abuse to the families that come to the CAC.  She strives to make sure that every family that walks through the door feels welcomed, validated, comfortable and, most importantly, supported.

Melody Dion
Forensic Interviewer (Nashua CAC)
Melody joined Nashua CAC in 2023 and holds a BS in Human Services. She has worked in the social services for eight years in a variety of different family support and preservation programs. Melody’s role at the Nashua CAC is to conduct interviews of those who have experienced or witnessed abuse. She is passionate about helping children and ensuring their voice is heard.

Amy-Lynn Sullivan, M.S. 
Program Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer (Manchester CAC)

AmyLynn joined the CAC in 2016 with a background in child protection and criminal investigations and a degree in Psychology/Justice Studies. In her current role as Program Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer, AmyLynn is responsible for facilitating the multidisciplinary teamsinvolved in child abuse investigations and conducting forensic interviews of children who may have experienced abuse or witnessed violence. She is passionate about providing a voice for our most vulnerable population and believes that every child is entitled to safety, security and protection.  

Melissa Oriani
Family Support Services Coordinator (Manchester CAC)

Melissa has been a member of the Hillsborough County CAC’s multidisciplinary team since 2011 and became the Family Support Specialist at the Manchester Center in 2016.   In her role she provides support to the families from the moment they arrive at the Center.  Melissa works with the families to ensure they understand the process and connect with community resources that best fit their needs.  Melissa works alongside the rest of the MDT and follows up with families after the interview to provide information, referrals, and continued support. 

Hailey Gravel
Forensic Interviewer (Manchester CAC and Nashua CAC)
Hailey joined the CAC in 2023 with a background in child protection, youth development, and juvenile justice. She has a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice/Criminology from Loyola University Chicago. In her current role as Forensic Interviewer, Hailey is responsible for conducting forensic interviews of children who may have experienced abuse or witnessed a crime, as well as to facilitate multidisciplinary team meetings with members of the investigation. Hailey believes in the importance of ensuring that children feel comfortable, respected, supported, and heard.

Annie Lelio
Master’s Level Clinician (Manchester CAC)
Annie joined the Hillsborough County CAC in September 2023 and holds a master’s degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University.  Annie has worked in community mental health centers both within outpatient and inpatient settings providing short-term crisis stabilization services to adolescents and adults.  She has also provided outpatient individual and group counseling using creative, arts-based therapeutic modalities to facilitate healing and improve client functioning.  Annie believes in the power of a person-centered and culturally sensitive approach to support children and families cope with the impacts of trauma and move towards empowerment and growth.

Lori Grant
Program Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer (Greater Lakes/Laconia CAC)
Prior to becoming a Forensic Interviewer in 2015, Lori was a Victim/Witness Advocate for victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence for 18 years within the City of Manchester as well as the Town of Hudson.  She also was a Criminal Justice Advocate at the YWCA Crisis Service in Manchester.  She holds a degree in Criminal Justice and has committed her career to making the lives of victims and survivors one filled with hope. She is a true believer that children have the right to have their voices heard, and as professionals, we should continue to learn and grow to seek justice for all.

Julia Sullivan
Family Support Specialist (Greater Lakes/Laconia CAC)
Julia joined the Greater Lakes CAC in May 2023. She is a 2022 University of New Hampshire graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Family Support. In her senior year at UNH, Julia completed an internship at the Strafford County Child Advocacy Center learning basic systems and CAC support services. Julia has a passion and commitment for providing children and families with support in their time of greatest need.

Arianna Moskovitz
Master’s Level Clinician (Greater Lakes/Laconia CAC)
Arianna joined the Belknap county CAC in September of 2023. She holds master’s degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling from Southern New Hampshire University, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in health from Plymouth State University. Arianna has worked in community mental health centers providing supported employment and case management services to the adult populations to find meaningful employment. She has also provided behavioral health support and mentorship to youth in juvenile justice and residential placement. Arianna has been a long-time competitive gymnastics and cheerleading coach for adolescents and young adults. She has a passion for helping and implementing change to best support children, young adults and their families to find their voice, feel heard, and accomplish their life goals.

Carlos Agudelo
Program Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer (Monadnock Region/Keene CAC)

With a BA in Psychology and MA in Justice Studies Carlos has worked in human services in various residential, educational, vocational and outreach positions working primarily with diverse youths for the past twenty five years. He became the Program Coordinator and primary Forensic Interviewer at the Cheshire County CAC in 2015.

Bob Collinsworth
Family Support Specialist/Forensic Interviewer (Monadnock Region/Keene CAC)
Bob has been with the Monadnock Region Child Advocacy Center since 2016. He is the Family Support Specialist and in that role, he meets with families to help them navigate the process and identify what services in our community may best assist them. Bob is also a trained forensic interviewer and will meet with and interview those children who have come to the center. He is also a therapy dog handler and bring his partner Seamus, a giant, fluffy sheep dog,  to work each day to bring comfort and cuddles to those children he meets.   

He is a life long resident of Cheshire County, having retired from the Keene, NH Police Department after a 30 year career as a detective. While there, Bob received extensive training in  interviewing victims of sexual assaults and incidents of domestic violence. He piloted the department’s first  polygraph unit and went on to train new officers in interviewing. Bob has served the greater community as a member or volunteer in various civic organizations to include, Impact Monadnock, The Community Kitchen, Tiny Tummies, Juvenile Diversion programs and has been a long time coach of youth and high school sports.

Sherry Lapointe, MA, LCMHC
Licensed Behavioral Health Clinician
Sherry joined the Monadnock Region CAC in July of 2023. Within this role, Sherry offers mental health consultation to the multidisciplinary team, and provides Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention (CFTSI), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) to children and their caregiver(s). Sherry holds a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch New England University and is licensed in New Hampshire. Prior to coming to the Monadnock Region CAC, Sherry served as the program coordinator and clinical supervisor for the ISO/IHB/PA programs in Keene and Manchester at Waypoint. Sherry has also practiced as a clinician providing office based and home-based therapy and case management through Waypoint. Prior to attaining a degree in mental health counseling, Sherry worked in New Hampshire as a teacher in both elementary and preschool settings. Sherry is experienced in providing trauma-informed care to children, teens, adults, and families. Sherry is committed to improving health and wellbeing of the children and families with whom she works.