To Report Suspected Abuse Call DCYF at (800) 894-5533 - For Emergencies Dial 911

Information for Caregivers


Helpful Information for Caregivers

Our Helpful Information for Caregivers is a comprehensive resource to better understand the Child Advocacy Center response.  We breakdown the process, each role on the team, and provide resources. We hope it will help caregivers understand more about child abuse, neglect, and other childhood traumas.  We also hope it will help caregivers understand the system used to respond.


Navigating the Forensic Interview Process

We created this resource for partner agencies to assist with preparing a child and caregiver for their visit to their local CAC.

The Navigating the Forensic Interview Process will help partner agencies on the MDT to describe the Child Advocacy Centers to caregivers.



    Teaching Children Body Safety

    Parents/Caregivers often wonder how to begin the conversation and talk with children about body safety.  The Teaching Children Body Safety brochure provides information to use as a guide.  Teaching body safety can be a powerful prevention tool. This resource has conversations starters, books and other important information.

    Teen Body Safety

    The Teen Body Safety Brochure was created with the support of our KNOW & TELL Peer-to-Peer Ambassadorship Program.  It was created by teens for teens.  It reviews important topics facing teenagers such as consent and what to do if you KNOW a friend needs help.